Виниловая пластинка - Chas And Dave – Chas'N'Daves Knees Up / ROC 911 - выпуск 1983 года от лэйбла Rockney - сделано в UK - Black Vinyl

  • Производитель: Chas And Dave
  • Артикул: 06470
  • Состояние товара/ Product condition: «б/у-Used»
  • Наличие: 1
Основные характеристики
Формат носителя: Виниловая пластинка
Вид состояния конверта: EX
Вид состояния носителя: на вид EX
Страна печати: UK
Дата релиза: 1983
Лэйбл: Rockney
Каталожный номер: ROC 911
Жанр: Rock
Стиль: Pop Rock
Цвет носителя: Black Vinyl
Описание формата: Vinyl, LP, Album, Insert
Состояние конверта: Excellent (EX)
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Chas And Dave – Chas'N'Daves Knees Up


A1Come Round And Hear My Gramophone
A2Rye House
A3I'm Not All There
A5Anniversary Waltz (Oh How We Danced)
A6Hot Meat Pies Savaloys An' Trotters
A7Rufus Rastas
A8Billy Muggins
A9I'm An Airman
A10Black And White Rag
A11I Wanna Say Hello
A12Aunty Skinners Chicken Dinner
A13Hard Up And Happy
A14Oh It's A Windy Night Tonight
A15End Of Me Ol'Cigar
A16Eleven More Months
A17How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?
A18While London Sleeps
A19Alabamy Bound
A20Pickin' All The Big Ones Out
A21A Proper Cup O'Cofee
A22Beer Belly Banjos
A23The Sideboard Song
A24Breakfast In Bed
A25Sweet Violets
A26Slap Bang
A27Walla Walla
A28What Happens After The Ball
A29Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
A30Down Fell The Pony In A Fit
A31Ya Can't Help Laughin' Can Ya
A32Come Round And Hear My Gramophone
A33Sling Your Hook
B1But I Do
B2When The Leaves Come Tumblin' Down
B4Why Didn't You Tell Me
B5Walkin' My Baby Back Home
B6Black Hills Of Dakota
B7You Got Love
B8Just A Little Lovin'
B9The Clouds Will Soon Roll By
B10You're The One Rose
B12Every Little While
B13I Used To Sigh For The Silvery Moon
B14I Wanna Go Back To The Farm
B15Down Where THe Swanee River Flows
B16I'll String Along With You
B17My Melancholy Baby
B18Halfway To Heaven
B19I'm Afraid To Open Your Letter
B20Bye Bye Blues

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