CD - Clue To Kalo – Lily Perdida - выпуск 2008 года от лэйбла Mush - сделано в UK -

  • Производитель: Clue To Kalo
  • Артикул: 08835
  • Состояние товара/ Product condition: «новый-New»
  • Наличие: 1
Основные характеристики
Формат носителя: CD
Вид состояния конверта: Запечатан
Вид состояния носителя: Запечатан - Sealed
Страна печати: UK
Дата релиза: 19 Jan 2008
Лэйбл: Mush
Каталожный номер: MH-262
Жанр: Electronic
Стиль: Folk Rock
Описание формата: CD, Album
Состояние конверта: Sealed (SS)
Состояние носителя: Sealed (SS)
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Clue To Kalo – Lily Perdida


1Lull For Dear Life, By The Parents4:20
2User To A Carrier, By The Sister3:57
3Hail To The Full Release, By The Boy3:35
4It's Here The Story's Straight, By The Peers3:30
5Mine Disaster After Theirs Is Done, By The Brother4:21
6The Infinite Orphan, By The Familiars3:34
7Of Him On Her Heels, By The Narrator4:47
8What Went Down Around, By The Eavesdropper2:22
9Which Notice To Your Next Of Kin?, By The Confidante5:37
10All's Made Meaning, By The Chorus4:54

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